OUR GOAL: Is to raise hunting dogs that have the ability to find and stop wild boar unassisted. I breed for most importantly friendly easy handling dogs that will have the nose to track, wind and the drive to hunt what ever game you wish to put them on especially the mighty Texas Wild Boar.








Why hunt a JAGD TERRIER?

  • Fast Matureing: Jagds start hunting at earlier age

  • Extremly LOW cull rate: most all puppies make good dogs

  • Lower feed bill: feed 2-3 Jagds same as one hound or cur

  • Add grit to your pack: Jagds are fearless of even the biggest boar

  • Increased hunting drive: Jagds have a high prey drive

  • Increased Nose: Jagds have the cold nose of a hound but can wind like a cur also increasing your odds of finding more game

  • More motile: the small more agile body size allows them to slip quickly through thick brush, they also have very high stamina and can run for hours
  • Smaller pack size: one Jagd can do the same job as a larger dog making it more effecient to hunt and feed