Kat was a big part in baying this boar that scored 521WWT and currently holds 1st place high fence, boar tusk Div.











Kat struck this boar and bayed with Ginger for almost and hour before we could get to them




Rose(Rhett from Utah), Rilo and Kat caught this sow near Junction, Texas





Dogs and Hogs
Long-time hunting partner Chris Garza and I with a toothy boar hog taken with dogs in Tilden Texas






Wonder what a caught hog looks like? This is another rank boar Chris and I caught in Tilden Texas







Here is Chris with the same boar from above and his black mouth cur "Yeller" and plott "Frank" after we disbatched him and drug it out of the brush







Here is another toothy boar that Chris and I caught with dogs





This is Poco and Missy(Andy Wood) and a Catahoula bayed on a nice boar by a tank